CIE ‘A’ Levels

Cambridge Assessment International Education – A-Levels

Cambridge Assessment International Education offers A-Levels to students who are between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. A-Levels consist of two parts AS and A2. In the first year, candidates will sit for the AS part and in the second year, they will complete their A-Levels by finishing the A2 section.

Usually, Universities will encourage students to have four full A-Levels in order to join them but in many cases three will be enough to suffice, depending upon the overall grades and the University in question. Moreover, A-Levels are the most advanced exams that Cambridge International offers currently and by choosing to do them, many new, exciting opportunities would arise.

The difference between IGCSE and A-Level is quite simple, IGCSE exams are for younger students who are currently studying secondary education and A-Levels are intended for students who have already completed their IGCSEs or other equivalent exams. The other main difference is that A-Levels are graded from A*-E whereas IGCSEs are graded from A*-G.


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