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HIBS offers a holistic IGCSE Cambridge education and a wealth of opportunities for our students to discover, explore and pursue their interests and talents. The IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum is implemented in all subjects with Teachers tailoring the Programme to suit students of all abilities and learning styles. The lower secondary curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly with the middle school to include knowledge, skills, understanding and application.

Technology is an integrated part of the curriculum and students will use their devices during lessons alongside traditional learning methodologies and interactive group work.

HIBS is a school for both Boarding and Day Students and those who live within a 40km distance of the school. We offer a complete educational experience for both Day and Boarding students. Our student roll is made up of 60% Boarders and 40% Day students, all of whom learn, interact and play together during the school day.

All Students benefit from our diverse environment, and this is one of the many advantages of having both Day and Boarding Students at HIBS, where students gets to meet people from both the local vicinity and further afield. This surely helps them to appreciate and embrace diversity as well as create lasting bond with people they might otherwise never have met.

During school hours no distinction is made between Day and Boarding students.

Pastoral care is a priority for both Boarders and Day students. Boarding students have their boarding houses as home away from home, with dedicated Houseparents and support staff 24/7 to care for them. Both Day and Boarding students have access to the common areas, sports and recreation facilities during their free time. This is a form of relaxation for students, to connect and strenghthen their peer to peer relationship.

Living within a larger boarding community is an excellent opportunity for our students as it draws everyone together during mealtimes, weekends and during activities that’s organised on and off site.

If your child is new to Boarding, we would like to assure you that we do everything we can to help your child flourish.

Virtual E Learning as a Permanent Solution – HIBS HI-BLEND

During the Pandemic HIBS introduced the virtual e-learning as a permanent solution for Year groups 7 to 9. Students will learn for 17 Days virtually and spend 3 quality Days at HIBS for physical classes and Extra Curricular Activities. These 3 Days are weaved into their Learning Plan where all activities are centralised on site. The packed and interesting on site program is when Students will reach out for support on their subjects with their Teacher, review their progress and discuss and work on projects with their Peers, as well as take part in their ECA of choice.

Uniform bodies, Sports and Leadership ECAs are offered throughout the Year and Students are expected to enrol for a minimum of 2 ECAs per Term. This makes a Student achieve 6 ECAs Annually.

Uniform Bodies has a long term commitment and they are usually for a long term tenure.

Living and interacting with Peers and Friends is akin to living in a community. It enables your child to develop valuable life skills that will also promote academic success. The daily routine of Boarding and School life with duties and homework time, helps students to learn self-management, discipline, self control, team work, respect for others, resilience and much more.

HIBS co-educational environment allows Boys and Girls to develop social skills within safe structures that maintains privacy and keep everyone safe.       

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CIE A Levels is one of the most recognised qualifications and is accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into Universities worldwide. Divided into Cambridge AS and A2 Levels, AS is typically taken at the mid-point of an A Level programme and A2 is the second part of the A Level programme. HIBS provides students with a wealth of options to study a wide range of subjects that will support their Tertiary Education. It also equips students with reasoning and thinking skills that are necessary for the next level of their education.


HIBS has been successfully teaching the Cambridge IGCSE programme, an internationally recognised academic syllabus covering a wide range of subjects. The Curriculum develops successful learners through a skill-based approach to teaching and assessing. It is taught over two years - Year 10 and Year 11, which allows the students to study a range of subjects and at a great depth.

Our Principal

” It gives me the greatest pleasure to be the Principal of Highlands International Boarding School.

I am very proud of this school which is nestled in the scenic, cool and conducive environment for learning in the Genting Highlands.”

Dr. Richard

Principal, Highlands International Boarding School

100 Million Years Old Rainforest, surrounding the school site

established as a British IGCSE Boarding School

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