A – level


Cambridge International A-Level Programme

  1. Requirements


Pass in SPM/ IGCSE with a minimum of 5 credits including Mathematics, English or any 2 science subjects or equivalent


Pass in SPM/IGCSE with a minimum of 5 credits including Mathematics and English

  1. The Cambridge International A Level programme offers a 100% exam-based assessment and is divided into two stages

Stage 1: Advanced Subsidiary (or AS Level), and

Stage 2: A2 Level. Each stage contributes 50% towards your final grade.


  1. Subject offered






Probability & Statistics


Business Studies


English Language

English Literature

** History. Art & Design, Chinese and Accounting – can be offered based on student numbers


  1. Recommended subject combinations

Core Subjects- Mathematics & Chemistry

Mathematics & Physics

Biology & Chemistry

Mathematics & Economics

This is based on general entry requirements and feedback from universities

  1. Students are encouraged to be independent and self-reliant both academically and personally. They should discuss their study plans with the school counsellor to ensure their leaning needs are met
  2. Students have the responsibility:
  • To attend class regularly
  • To respect the right of others to learn
  • To respect their peers and teachers regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender
  • To respect the property and equipment of the school and others
  • To carry out reasonable instructions to the best of their ability
  • To conduct themselves in a courteous and appropriate manner in school and in public
  1. Students should dress tidily-smart casual and well-groomed at all times. No dye nor highlights are allowed. Make-up and visible tattoos are not permitted
  2. Smart electronic devices are permitted in class as learning tools with the permission of the teacher. Such permission must be sought and received before their use.
  3. If a student uses a mobile phone inappropriately, or in contravention of the school’s policy, he/she will be sanctioned accordingly. Mobile phones will not be confiscated except in circumstances where a member of staff considers the device to be a harmful or of disruptive influence.
  1. Fees for International/Malaysian students- refer attachment. Students with excellent SPM/IGCSE results will be considered for scholarships
A Level 100 % 75% 50% 25%

9A and above (including 7A+ / A*)

8A* (for IGCSE only)

8A and above (including 6A+ / A*) 8A and above 6A and above



PS-Please consult our Academic Counsellor for additional information

Why Cambridge A-Level (CIE) at Highlands?

Frequently asked questions


Common questions regarding the Cambridge A-Level (CIE) program at Highlands

1. What is the difference between CIE at Highlands and in other colleges/schools.

a. Most affordable Cambridge A-Levels course
b. Attractive fees-for First Hundred Registrants
c. Experienced qualified Lecturers of distinction
d. No Tuition required
e. We provide Bridging programs for needy students
f. Examination oriented approach
g. Leadership/Personal Development programs
h. Highlands atmosphere -1500m high from the sea level
i. Cool, fresh, green environment.
j. Located away from distractions
k. We provide healthy/nutritious meals for all our boarding students
l. Separate Halls of residence – Male /Female
m. Prayer Rooms – Surau.
n. Security – 24 hours
o. Infirmary – medical attention

2. What is Cambridge A-level
  • It is a Pre-University qualification for student to gain entry in any top universities worldwide of their choice, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Stanford, MIT Carnegie-Mellon, Wharton Business School, Melbourne, Sydney, National University of Singapore, Toronto and McGill as long as the student obtains excellent result with right combination of subjects for
    the prerequisite of the university .
  • The good grades in your result, Cambridge A’ Level can provide you, credit exemptions at many outstanding universities all around the world.
3. Is Cambridge A-Levels recognised by Foreign Universities and local Private University?
  • Yes, Cambridge A-Levels is an internationally recognised.
  • It is a Pre -University program that prepares students to enter degree courses in all the top worldwide universities.
4. Who develops the curriculum for Cambridge A-Level?

The curriculum is provided by CIE, with high international academic standards.

5. What is meant by AS Level and A2 Level?

Cambridge A-level Examinations (CIE) are conducted in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level will account for 50% of the marks.
  • Phase 2: Advanced Two (A2) Level the other 50%.
6. When do I sit for the exams?
  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level examination will be conducted in the month of October/ November
  • Advanced Two (A2) Levelexamination will conduct in the month May/June of the following year that is after another half a year.
7. How long is this program?
  • It is 1.8-year program comprises three semesters
  • Each about six months long, with the AS examinations at the end of Semester 2 and the A2 examinations at the end of Semester 3.
8. Are science stream students, required to sit for the Practical Examination?
  • Student opting Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are required to sit for the practical
  • Students are assessed based on their laboratory skills by externals (CIE).
  • The practical’s are conducted up to 2 hours.
9. How does HIBS prepare our students for A levels examination?
  • We conduct continuous topical assessments.
  • We provide topical Remedial classes for weak students.
  • Special bridging program provided for the needy students.
  • To monitor students’ progress, internal assessments, assignments and semester exams are conducted during prep classes.
10. Where the best universities in the world?

Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE, KCL, Imperial, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Warwick, City, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Cornell, Brown, Wharton Business School, Toronto, McGill, British Columbia, Melbourne, ANU, Sydney, UWA, Adelaide, New South Wales, Newcastle, NUS, NTU, SMU, Otago, Auckland, University of Hong Kong etc.

11. How much is the fees for A-levels?

The exam fee for Cambridge A- Level program is approximately:

[supsystic-tables id=6]


  • The final exam fees may vary each year according to the fees decided by CIE as well as the foreign exchange rates.
12. Is there a Sibling Discount
  • This is a one-off deduction for new registrations (i.e. new students) only.
  • Quantum: RM500 deduction on tuition fee
  • Requirement:
    a. A new registered student to Highland
    b. The Sibling must currently be studying at HIBS.
  • Documents required:
    a. Photocopy of birth certificate for both siblings.
    b. Photocopy of transcripts or student ID card of the sibling.
  • Application deadline: 2 weeks after the commencement of program.
  • Application form for Sibling Discount can be obtained from the Admissions & Counselling Unit
13. Is Scholarship and Financial Aid Provided By HIBS.

Before applying Scholarships, you will need to complete the registration form along with the necessary fees in order to proceed.

14. How I can register for accommodation at HIBS?
  • For Hostel Accommodation, fill up

i. Residence Application Form
ii. Residence Rules and Regulation declaration.
iii. Health Verification Form.

15. What are the Admission Procedures
  • Completely filled Application Form.
  • You may obtain an Application Form from the Information Centre at the Highlands International or download from our website.
  • Malaysian students, please include the following
    i. 2 copy of IC
    ii. 6 passport size photos
    iii. 1 certified true copy of ALL academic certificates & transcripts
    iv. Certified forecast results/ SPM result
    v. Copy of UPSR/PMR school results

  • Document checklist for International applicants
    i. 3 copies of passport (all pages, detail page(s) in colour, 2 years validity)
    ii. 6 passport photos (blue background)
    iii. 3 certified true copies of ALL academic certificates & transcripts
    iv. Original NOC/Eligibility Letter
    v. Payment of EMGS fee and registration fee

  • Parent/ guardian consent letter
  • 1 copy of both parents’ identity card/ passport.
  • 2 copies of passport size photos ( both parents )
  • Photocopy of student’s birth certificate
  • 1 copy of student’s school leaving certificate
  • Enclose with a sum of RM 500 cash/cheque towards the Registration Fee NON REFUNDABLE
  • Application and Registration Fee for Intensive English Program if required.


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