Counseling Department


  1. The Counseling unit is a department that caters services for the students in the school and boarding set-up.. Among the services to students are individual and group counseling, career guidance talks/ activities and students involved in disciplinary cases. The counseling department also organize the yearly orientation program and assist new student in adapting to life in the school and boarding.

a. Individual Counseling

This one to one approach is a common practice in addressing issues among the students. Students are given ample time and space to express themselves under the cover of confidentiality. Every student will have the opportunity to spend quality time with the counselor as the counselor gives full attention to the particular individual.

b. Group session

Group session consists of more than two students referred to the Counseling Department for the same issues. This approach is used as the students confront same issues and it is an initiative to share ideas and solutions among the students in the group. It helps students to try on the methods suggested by the student as they are in the similar thinking level and experiencing the same event. At the same time, it helps creates an understanding among the students and develops trust between one and another.

c. Career Guidance 

This form of service varies as the needs of students differ from one to another. The counselor’s play the role of information disseminator by providing students with the different options in terms of choosing the right career path before completion of their SPM/IGCSE examinations.

Students are also exposed to career guidance talks organized at the school level . Educational consultants from Sunway University College, KDU, Berjaya University College, Taylor University College and the Australian Education Center are some of the Institutions that have given career guidance talks to our students. Furthermore, the Notice board is also used as a medium of communication in getting across information and updating students.

d. Disciplinary cases

Counselors also play a part in the disciplinary committee. The Disciplinary cases are categorized into light, moderate and serious offences. For cases where the category is considered serious as in smoking, bullying and physical harm, the counselor’s role here is to represent the student involved and to mitigate their case.

Once a charge has been established, the counselor is assigned to hear from the student, their side/version of the said incident. Once the disciplinary committee establishes ‘prima facie’ and charges the student for the particular offence, the student concerned will then be referred to the Counselling Department for further counseling so as to rebuild the student’s self-esteem and to regain their sense of belonging in the school community.

e. Orientation

The Counseling Department also assists the new comers by organizing an orientation program. The orientation program is done at the start of the new term and also for students who join the school throughout the year. For students who enroll later, a half day program which includes a tour of the school/boarding, explanation of the school rules and regulation.

2.  Counseling Process

Counseling is a long term process in bringing behavioural changes. In order to evaluate the progress of students, a close monitoring and follow ups are carried out in every respective student that requires changes in behavior. Majority of these students whom are under close supervision has been punished for breaching the school rules and at the same time have signed their undertaking letters to guarantee good behavior in future. Below are the clustered lists of students who are under monitoring according to their unacceptable behaviours.

3. Conclusion

The Counseling department continues to give their best in ensuring that students adapt and enjoy their stay in SMS Saleha Genting Highlands and Highlands International Boarding School. In their endeavor to ensure that all students adapt to the boarding life, counselors are also aware and realistic that not all students will be able to adapt to the boarding life and environment and will leave the school.


The Personal development classes are conducted by the counseling teachers for both SMS Saleha and Highlands International Boarding School students. It is important that by attending these sessions on personal development, students will be listened to and understand each other. It is also most important that an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust is developed between student and student, between student and teacher.

The aim of the course is to i) help young people mature in their attitudes and actions thereby becoming more responsible for themselves and the world around them, ii) help them to explore their relationships and resolve problems iii) To encourage a deeper understanding and respect for themselves, others and for life itself.

A. Objectives

1. To educate students in the area of personal development.

2. To nurture students to realize his/her potentials and to enhance the student’s awareness and ability to be awell-rounded person.

3. To instill a sense of responsibility towards himself/herself and towards others.

B. Outline of the Syallabus

1. Responsibility

Module One : Who Says?
Module Two : Who Cares?
Module Three : What For?

2. Relationships

Module One : Family
Module Two : Friends
Module Three : Community

3. Respect

Module One : Self-Respect
Module Two : Respect Others
Module Three : Respect Life

C.  Assessment Criteria

10% Attendance
20% Participation
20% Project
30% Class Work
10% Attitude towards teacher
10% Attitude towards classmates


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