School Crest

The crest embodies six symbols 

the hill, the sun, the hornbill, a unison of geese in flight, the bamboo and the book

The Hill indicates the location of the school in Genting Highlands. This symbol also reflects the stylised mandarin character for man. The twin representation denotes the school in Genting Highlands which is committed to creating a learning community which is student-centred in learning and people-centered in technology.

The Hornbill is a bird of cultural significance in the state of Sarawak but it is by no means exclusive to that state. The environs at Genting Highlands is a natural habitat to some of these species. The Hornbill signifies the rich Malaysian culture which embraces people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, capabilities and resources. This same diverse social fabric is reflected in the population of the school.

The Sun is the metaphor for the culmination of education at Highlands International Boarding School. The achievements of the student, like the benevolent rays of the sun, serves to benefit the individual and society at large.

Geese practice admirable teamwork in flight. They travel together and stand by each other in good and difficult times. Likewise, the school strives to permeate student and staff with a similar team spirit.

We aim to cultivate qualities of the bamboo in young minds – deep rootedness and strength of character.

We provide a holistic education that embraces knowledge, skills and values.

School Motto



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